Chapter 6 – The Medicare Meeting Guide

Review This Guide

Before You Meet with a Licensed Insurance Agent

As your Medicare enrollment date approaches, you may have questions regarding the process. We have developed a Medicare Meeting Guide to help you along the way. It will give you an overview of the basics of Medicare, some of the questions you should be asking, and the timeline for necessary steps. 

By this point, we hope you have spent some time looking over the previous five chapters on Medicare. Each chapter has a helpful video and article that covers a different section of Medicare, and it will make the terms in the Medicare Meeting Guide more familiar. 

We encourage you to bookmark this page so you can refer back to it. Utilizing the Medicare Meeting Guide will help you prepare for your initial meeting with a licensed insurance agent. 

Getting Started:

6 Months Before You Turn 65: Review the Following Medicare Topics on our Website

4 Months Before You Turn 65: Understand the Initial Enrollment Period

❏ Mark your calendar for your initial enrollment period (IEP), the three months prior to your 65th birthday month, your birthday month, and the three months after your 65th birthday month.

❏ Review Chapter 1: Part A – Hospital Insurance, What to Do Before Age 65 for Part A

3 Months Before You Turn 65: Determine if You Need Medicare

❏ Are you still working?

If no, proceed to the next question.

If yes, do you plan to continue working after age 65? If so, make sure you understand the cost and coverage of your employer health insurance plan. A Medicare plan may be a better option. Consult your HR department for more information to compare it to your Medicare options.

❏ Do you have another medical plan, aside from Medicare, that will provide for you beyond the age of 65? For example, you may have coverage from the military or the U.S. government, a retirement insurance program, etc. 

If no, proceed to the next section.

If yes, make sure to understand the cost and coverage of this plan. A Medicare plan may be a better option. Contact your medical benefits provider to determine what your plan provides for your medical needs after the age of 65.

3 Months Before You Turn 65: Enroll in Medicare

❏ Enroll in Medicare Part A – Go to the Social Security Administration website and enroll in Medicare. 

❏ Confirm receipt of your Medicare card.

After You Receive Your Medicare Card, Call Us

❏ Contact Provision Retirement at 888-509-8205 for your initial meeting with our licensed insurance agent. We’ll work together to determine the remainder of your Medicare coverage.

Set an Appointment with Provision Retirement

❏ Discuss specific insurance and drug needs with our insurance agent.

❏ Compare plans for coverage.

❏ Select the plan you prefer.

❏ Complete the application. 

We hope you found the Medicare Meeting Guide to be useful as you navigate the complexities of Medicare. We look forward to meeting with you for your Medicare needs.