Retirement Planning

Answering Your Retirement Questions

Thinking about retirement may bring a feeling of uncertainty, but be encouraged as we can help answer your questions, and we do it everyday. Too often retirement planning is reduced down to just statement planning. With this method a person looks at a statement, discusses your age, and then suggests a change of some kind. It does not take into account the many things that can influence your retirement years, and it can leave questions unanswered. A person is often left with very little peace of mind. Different from statement planning, retirement planning takes a holistic view of investment accounts, risk tolerance, lifestyle, retirement goals, government programs, family history, longevity, and estate planning.

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Retirement Planning For Peace Of Mind

Having a plan can be a tremendous help, no matter if you are 15 years from retirement, if it’s happening in a matter of months, or if you’re already retired. Here are some of the types of questions we’ll go over together to create a thorough plan for you: “How do you replace income for the 25 or so years after retirement?”, “What is a strategy for Social Security, and what steps need to be taken for Medicare?”, “How do you manage Required Minimum Distributions and potentially reduce taxes?”, “How do you invest your accounts?”, “What are the ways to pass assets to the next generation?”, “How should you protect the financial health of a spouse?”, “And how do you deal with inflation?”.

One of the main questions we hear is “Will I run out of money?”. It seems to be top of mind with those nearing retirement. We have assisted families and individuals with this concern for years, and as we go through the following process, we’ll work together to come up with a plan to help give you peace of mind.

The Provision Process


Step 1. Initial Consultation

At Provision Retirement we understand the importance of preparing for the future. Developing a retirement plan is a result of having a team understand your specific needs. In this first meeting we discuss the topics that are important to you. We’ll ask specific questions, and go over items that often have not been covered with your current investment professional. This meeting helps us build your customized plan.


Step 2. Develop and Review Your Plan

The goal of a retirement plan is to answer the questions that are most important to you, and to cover other topics that many people may not know to ask about. This step of developing and reviewing your plan typically consists of one to two meetings. Your plan will address how to replace income for your retirement years, how to invest your accounts, and identify ways to establish a legacy through the passing of assets from one generation to another, based on your needs and goals.

Step 3. Provide Ongoing Support

A retirement plan becomes a benefit when recommended steps are taken to help make the plan work for you. The Provision team will lead you through the process of transfers, rollovers, withdrawals for income, and other steps required for putting a plan in motion. Because Step 3 is ongoing support, it is comprised of helpful emails, phone calls, in-person or online meetings as needed.

Investments have to be handled with care, because they must be positioned to help provide for your retirement according to your goals. This step is crucial. As we continue to work together, we help you take steps toward your future goals. We become an advocate for you, the official title is Financial Advisor. As your Financial Advisor, it is our privilege to maintain a personal relationship with you as we help you manage your investments.

Begin Your Plan Today

Retirement Planning and Investment Management can be intimidating, but with the right team, you can journey forward with confidence. We would welcome the opportunity to build a relationship with you and assist you with a retirement strategy that will help serve you well for years to come. Our goal is simple – retirement planning for peace of mind.

Together, we can build your custom Retirement Plan.
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